Well Together was founded by Whitney Sims.

Whitney was always intrigued by health and fitness. She loves trying new workouts, and loves learning about food. It wasn’t until fall of 2017 she decided to see a Naturopath. Since then, her love for health and wellness grew exponentially! She paid more attention to the foods that went into her body, and how they made her feel.

Once she began to dive deep into the wellness industry she learned how expensive “health” foods can be, that not all workout studios are affordable, and the lack of diversity. Whitney felt the need to have conversations on wellness, and share stories and experiences. She wants to talk about it all and include everyone in the conversation. That’s when she came up with her first event “Let’s Talk about Food”, a panel discussion where 3 women share their health and wellness journeys.


From there she knew she was onto something. She loved creating a space for those to come around and make real-life connections. Whitney began a newsletter where she could dive deeper and talk on a more personal level about her wellness journey, and other wellness topics. She wanted to incorporate all her passions into one space. Previously known as Modern Nourishment, that name no longer felt like it described her love for health, fitness, self-care, beauty, and events.

That’s when Well Together came to be. She wants wellness to be inclusive to all. Wellness doesn’t have to be something you do alone. It doesn’t matter where you are on your wellness journey, how fit you are, or what your income is, everyone can be well together!  

Whitney is looking forward to hosting more events, sharing all things wellness on the Well Together Newsletter, and can’t wait to release The Well Together Guide. To stay up to date with Whitney and Well together make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and follow along on Instagram!