Become a Morning Person

Are you like me? Pressing snooze multiple times to get up in the morning? Sleeping through your alarm? The type of person where you're like "don't talk to me until I've had my coffee?". Yeah I can be guilty of that... I'm the type of person that is totally okay admitting that I'm not a morning person, rather I'm a night owl. Except, I can't really be a night owl when I work in the mornings from Monday to Friday... it sucks!

So for the millionth time, I'm trying to be a morning person... I'll let you know when it's actually successful... but for now, here are some tips I'm trying to get me up bright and early!

sleep blog.png

1. Go to bed earlier (Duh!) I know sounds so easy, but somehow It ends up being 11:30pm and I'm like omg I have so much I want to do still and "put the house to bed'. Any one else like this? Tidying up the place before you go to sleep?
2. Don't think just do I've heard this quote before. Don't think about what time it is or how tired you are, just get up and do! It's worked a few times...
3. Prepped breakfasts. The night before I'm working on having an easy breakfast prepared for myself in the morning. For example, this week I've had banana nut breakfast loaf. Yep it's as good as it sounds.
4. Prepare your clothes the night before. If you're trying to go to the gym in the morning, pack all your stuff the night before! Or just have your clothing for work prepared. One less thing to think about in the morning!
5. No phone 20-30 minutes before bed // in the morning. Stop the scrolling before bed and stop the scrolling when you wake up. We've all read the study’s of the affects of phones before bed. This is something I've gotten some what good at but definitely always need improvement.

6. Chamomile tea. If you have a hard time getting ready for bed or don’t find yourself sleepy, or have a hard time falling asleep make sure to drink a calming tea before bed. Try making yourself a cup of tea an hour before! It should help your body relax, and get ready to snooze.

7. Lavender oil or Lavender diffuser. Lavender is a great calming oil. I love to use lavender oil in my diffuser, to set the tone in my apartment. I love the smell, and it just makes the place more zen. You can also get lavender as a roll on oil and just roll it on your wrists, and neck to help your body relax before bed or a spray!

What are you tips to wake up earlier in the morning? Let me know in the comments!