Grocery Shop + Food Storage Tips

Tips on planning your Budget Grocery Shop:

1. Go through your pantry and fridge. Clean out any expired/old foods.
2. Assess what you need and want to re-strock. ( Don’t forget reusable bags!).
3. Think about certain meals you'd like to cook the upcoming week.
4. Make a list.
5. Browse online. (Depending where you shop you can browse Superstore online, and SaveonFoods).

Even if you don't want to order your food online, I highly suggest looking on Superstore to plan out what you want, scope out what's on sale and you can even see the possible cost of your groceries. It kind of lets you think about what you really need, what you can skip out on before going to the store and getting distracted.
There’s just some staple's I just can't cut out even being #budget friendly. I always love to have nuts and seeds in the pantry, and some sort of brown rice pasta. When I'm on a budget or looking to cut costs I'll head to bulk barn. I find it so much cheaper to pick up almonds, almond flour, dates, chia seeds etc.

Food Storage Tips

  1. Instead of meal prepping, prep individual foods like veggies, rice, etc.

  2. Store veggies in water to help restore.

  3. Limit plastic use. Store everything in glass/ mason jars or fridge organizers. I also love my stasher bag!

  4. Re-use old takeout containers/jars.

The better you store your food, the longer it lasts, which means less food waste and visits to the store! Some other tips to cut down on spending is if there isn't any fruit on sale opt in for frozen fruit for smoothies! I also prefer to go to the store once a week to top on vegetables and fruit rather than doing one big shop, helps with eliminating food waste! So I'll be back at the store this weekend most likely to top on the fridge!

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