Self Care - Fall Edition




As much as I hate to see summer go... I do love fall. Cozy knit sweaters, the leaves changing colors, warm drinks. Yup, I'm a sucker for it! I find this season change is a lot more busy. People are going back to school, you're wrapping up summer holidays, routines start to set back into place.

1. I'm a thinker and I like to think about how I want to go into the next season! First thing that comes to mind for fall is clothes! I live in a small apartment so I swap out my wardrobe during season changes. I'm taking out all my favorite cozy fall sweaters and trading in my cute summer crops and dresses. I also like to try and de-clutter the space. I go through products, clothes, shoes and anything around the house I'm not using or like anymore. I'll put them aside and see how I feel about them as time passes. If I don't think about them it's time to donate or throw out!

2. Now it's time to set the mood for fall! I'm treating myself to a few new candles to make the house smells nice and feels cozy. I usually just go to Winners/Marshalls to find my candles and in-scents sticks!

3. Goals. I'm always setting goals, but going into a new season I go through my Journal and see where I'm at. I've got a few months until the end of the year. I check in with myself- do I want the same things still? How do I want to set myself up for the new year?

4. Financial wellness. It's time to check in on the not so fun stuff. I always found I spend more in the summer, you're going out more, travelling! Now it's time to check in and balance the budget. I recently started using the Mint App and printing out a calendar and writing out all my bills and saving goals. Something about pen and pepper make it more satisfying you know?

Let me know your thoughts on my fall self care prep. Is there anything you do to get ready for a season change?