Woash Wellness - Whole Leaf Tea Blends

If you haven't heard about Woash Wellness, let me get you up to speed!

They're an organic tea company based out of Vancouver, BC. I found them through instagram and was immediately intrigued. I love their branding, everything they stand for and of course their teas!

I ended up reaching out to them to see if they wanted to work together for an event and they so kindly agreed to give everyone some sample teas. If you attended Mindful Movement and have tried your tea you'll know what I'm talking about!

There's no fillers, sugars or any mystery ingredients in their teas. Everything is natural, organic, and has so many health benefits for you. I've had the chance to try a couple of the blends, and I think my favorite so far is Digest. I remember experiencing some bloating then realized I had the Digest tea. I immediately went to make myself a cup, and I'm not kidding when I say in a few hours I was feeling significantly better! This is my new go-to tea.

Woash Wellness is also changing the game with Bullet Tea. I have yet to try it but as soon as I read their article on it I'm intrigued! I'll report back after I make my very own cup of Bullet Tea. Now I love coffee... but I also love tea. Just like the owner/founder of Woash; Cassandra, I grew up drinking red rose tea with milk and sugar. Occasionally I'll enjoy a cup with my mom and grams for that cozy childhood memory (Swapping the white sugar for honey of course ;) ).

Now, when I drink Herbal teas I like to drink it black, and sometimes with honey. Adding milk to a herbal tea is just not the same effect with red rose, and especially not the same with non dairy mylk. However! After seeing their post about the Bulletproof Tea, their image of the tea makes it look so nice and creamy, almost like coffee and almost like the classic tea I would drink back in the day. This has me really convinced to try it!

I'm so thrilled I was able to find this small business because I'm officially hooked! If you want to learn more about them make sure to follow them on instagram @woashwellness and you can order their teas online at www.woashwellness.com.