10 Ways to add Wellness in your Life

Wellness is simply being in a state of good health. Good health can be so many things! Vegan,vegetarian, paleo, keto, yoga, pilates, running, weight lifting, self care and our mental health. There's no right way to practice living a healthy lifestyle. If you're looking to add wellness into your life that doesn't require boutique fitness classes, an expensive skin care regimen, or only eating a organic vegetables from a farmers market that is ok!! I've got some simple tips to add wellness into your life that will cost you zero!

1. Focus on eating whole foods.

2. Journal

3. Get a good nights sleep.

4. Take care of something (plant mom/plant dad?!)

5. Practice self care. Need tips of how to practice self care? See this blog post.

6. Get in the kitchen. Cook or bake!

7. Quality time with yourself or others

8. Move your body/Sweat.

9. Go outdoors.

10. Gut health (look into probiotics, pre-biotics, gut healing foods).

Do you have any tips to add wellness into your life? Let me know in the comments below!