Easy Skin Care Routine

skincare products.png

Back in late December and January I noticed I was breaking out a little more than usual. I found it was near my chin and neck. I know that region tends to be hormonal (so I did book an appointment with my Naturopath, but that’s another blog post).

Looking back I was really packing on the products. I was getting so frustrated because I’m doing my skincare routine, I’m drinking my water, and I’m working out regularly. What ended up happening was I got extremely frustrated and just stopped using any products. If I did use something it was a tiny bit of rose hip oil or coconut oil. It was hard because it was during the winter, and my skin was reallyyy dry, but I stuck it out. I just wanted my skin to “re-set”.

I’d say around March most of the acne was gone!! I was just dealing with scarring which honestly made me more self conscious then the acne itself. I just toughened it out, I didn’t even wear make-up to work most days and just let my skin breathe. Within 1-2 months the scarring is slowly going away!! I then started to integrate the vitamin c serum back into my routine a couple days a week to just help speed up the process. With summer coming, I made sure to sit outside, and get as much sun as I could. I truly feel like this made all the difference.

Now, most of my scars are gone! I found a new confidence to really love my skin natural with no make-up and a few scars. So during this process I really did feel like less was more. I’ve slowly started up a skin care routine and this is what it’s looking like right now:

  • When I get a really bad pimple I will go to Benzagel (no it’s not natural but it’s dermatologist approved and it seriously works).

  • I bought a new Vitamin C serum from winners. This one’s more like an oil/gel consistency.

  • I still use tea tree oil as a toner and spot treatment for acne.

  • I use Cocokind raspberry vinegar as a toner before bed.

  • and I’m testing out Ren Skin Care Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream. I’m really excited to test out this product! So far my skin is feeling so smooth and if all goes well I’ll be buying the full product!

  • and I purchased a brand new Chia Seed Oil from Cocokind because I finished the last one!

Night time routine:

After a shower or I wash my face I use the raspberry toner. I don’t use a cotton ball I just spray it right to my hands then dab onto my face.

I’ll use a bit of the vitamin c serum, then chia seed oil, then finish off with the Ren Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream.

Easy as that! 4 steps.

Morning Routine:

Wash my face, use a little tea tree oil then put on chia seed oil. Done!

I do want to finish with saying I think the acne started up possibly from indulging in Christmas treats, and having a not as healthy diet as I normally would. I think some processed foods and sugars, and an imbalanced gut really played into it as well. ALSO stressing about it too. I would constantly be looking at my skin and I think I was causing more stress on my body, thus breaking out more.

Everyone is truly different, and if you find yourself having acne/hormonal acne from more than a few months I would definitely suggest a Naturopath or a Dermatologist opinion!

Let me know in the comments if you want a blog post on eating for good skin because I definitely added specific foods into my diet to help with clearing up my skin!