Natural Skin Care Routine

Natural Skin Care Routine

Skin care is overwhelming! Where do you honestly begin? There are millions of products, and through media we are always being pushed to try a new product. I’m going to share the products I’m loving in my skin care routine as of now. Best part is- they’re affordable and mostly natural!

First I’ll give you a back story…

Around 2012/2013 coconut oil became the rave the of the town, and I began to start using it as a face moisturizer. My mom then brought home a coconut coffee scrub from Jamaica. Once I ran out, I looked up how to make it on my own. That’s when my love for natural skin care really began…

Since then, I’ve been making at home coffee scrubs, diy masks and more. I’ve also experienced cases of eczema. I first when on a steroid medication and I found it didn’t work for me During that time I looked into natural remedies to help it. I used neem oil, primrose oil in soaps and lots of coconut oil! As i’ve gotten older I noticed processed foods, sugar, and diet has contributed to eczema flare ups and other skin irritations.

Since then I’ve tried to keep the products on my skin simple!

A friend introduced to me Cocokind Skincare. Right away I fell involve with the products. I’ve been using them for about 7 months now. I use the turmeric to help with acne scars, chia facial oil as a moisturizer, raspberry vinegar spray, matcha moisture stick and the sea moss exfoliator. I also use tea tree oil on breakouts, vitamin E oil, and castor oil. A typical night time skin care night routine for me looks like washing my make up off with coconut oil. After my shower I use the toner, chia oil, and tea tree oil if I have any breakouts. If my skin is extra dry I will sometimes use either the vitamin E or castor oil. If I’m experiencing multiple breakouts, before my shower in the evening I will use the turmeric mask and keep that on anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes.

I have noticed that the turmeric does help with the inflammation during a breakout, but my skin does scar very easily. it can take months to completely heal at times. I’ve looked into the the Ordinary brand and heard they had good products to help with skin brightening and scarring. After watching multiple YouTube videos and googling the products I decided to give it a try! I ordered Rosehip oil to use in rotation with the chia oil. I ordered vitamin C serum and Lactic Acid. The vitamin C helps with skin brightening, as well as anti aging. The Lactic acid helps with scarring and evening skin tone. Once I use it after a longer amount of time I will definitely do a review!

Now let’s move onto skin foods!

Here’s a list of foods to add into your diet that promotes healthy skin,




Flax Seeds

Green tea

Water with lemon

Make sure to incorporate these into your diets and I’m sure it’ll give your skin that extra glow!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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