Green Anti Inflammatory Smoothie

Green Anti Inflammatory Smoothie


Green Anti Inflammatory Smoothie.

Need more greens in your life? Need to get rid of the bloat? Fear no more with this green anti-inflammatory smoothie. Loaded with lots of leafy greens, and turmeric, but with a dash of cinnamon and mango to bring out the flavour. This green smoothie will be your go-to I’m sure of it! 

This time around I decided it was time to step up my green smoothie game. I wanted to get more greens into my diet, but i'm not trying to drink something that doesn't taste good. That's old news! I know I wanted a green smoothie instead of opting for my usual banana choc smoothie. I looked in the fridge and found a few random ingredients and decided to just throw it all together and hope for the best. Well, I have to say it worked out in my favour because this is my new favourite.

There’s never such thing as too many greens or too much turmeric. The health properties of turmeric go so far to improving skin, reducing inflammation and lots of antioxidants! The cinnamon and mango bring out the flavour where you can hardly tell there’s any turmeric in there and it makes it taste less “green”.

The combination of these 6 ingredients will thank your taste buds! 


1 Frozen banana

Half a Mango

1-2 Cups of Spinach or any greens.

A Few Dashes of Turmeric

A Dash of Cinnamon

Almond Mylk or Water (choose your consistenty!)

Handful of Ice


Place all ingredients in blender and mix!

Slowly add your milk or water. Don't add too much right away. Depending on what type of consistency you'd like. The more you add it will be like a drink, the less it will be a thicker consistency and you can have it as a smoothie bowl.

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