Self Care for Free

Self Care for Free

Let's be real, self care has kind of turned into this luxurious practice. Living in a world with social media and having brands tell you to buy into products to practice better self care can be overwhelming. Spending a little money here and there is definitely deserved- and can be great self care! However, we don't always have to spend money to practice self care.

Today I'm sharing 15 free, yup free self care practices you can do from your own home!


My ultimate self care practice would be having a long shower or bath using a body scrub. Taking extra time to do my skin routine, applying all my toners and serums. Doing a facial massage. Get into cozy clothes and maybe doing a relaxing stretch or 20 minute vinyasa flow practice. Then I would make a tea, either put Netflix on or scroll through my laptop to find things that inspire me, or listen to a podcast!

Being able to take a couple hours to do my self care practice makes me feel really content and happy, as well as balanced and destressed! The best part is I can do it all from home for little to no cost. 

Do you have a favourite self care routine/practice that you do? If so- Let me know in the comments!

Bubble Baths

Diy Face Mask

At home facial massage





Go for walks


Make tea

Bake a treat

Drink Wine

Family time

Spending time with Friends

At home manicure

Tips for Bloating

Tips for Bloating

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies